Thursday, October 10, 2013

I used to feel ashamed and embarrassed to admit my disability

I have not had any training just write from my heart or my experiences that I have in my life. I am writing this for my 1st column on I just love you Stan & the angels giving each other love & support sharing what happening in our life's through the good times & the bad times & taking the time to comment on each other post. The angels are all just amazing. I first heard of the MSnewsChannel on your FB page Stan & took a look. It looks very good & I recognize some of the angels face's which is nice. If you are reading my column and want info on our's the link:

I was diagnosed with dyslexia & I have problems with spelling & that but I can read well. I
find that the computer helps me with my spelling so I can write. I used to feel ashamed and embarrassed to admit my disability from being a young child because of the stigma associated with learning disabilities & the name calling & the signs they would make with their hands saying dolly from other children they can be so cure sometimes & as I got older I got very good hiding the fact that I have dyslexia even now some people don't know as I feel too ashamed & embarrassed to admit that I have dyslexia & I know that some people can think of me differently if they found out.

Well am off to do some house work
love Mayjay

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