Monday, December 30, 2013

THIS IS MY 1ST COLUMN! IT'S TITLE IS A BIT LONG: I love "Stan & the Angels" MS Support Group. I've offered support to the Angels and they have given me support for years. I've never know a support group where people give so much help to each other

Hi everyone my name is Mary & I live in bonny Scotland where the ducks love it as there is rain, rain & more rain.

My nickname is Mayjay which I like to be known as.

I’m married to my lovely hubby Stevie who helps me in my life’s journey. I have two handsome sons Frank, David and a beautiful daughter Jade. I have a wee grandson Kian. He is so funny he makes me laugh and smile and there is Monty the boxer. He does funny things that also make me laugh and smile.

I wish that they could diagnose me correctly so I can know exactly which illness I have and get the right treatment.....

I love Stan and The Angels MS Support Group. I have offered support to the angels and they have given me support for years. In some ways I have never know a support group where people give so much help to each other. Go here and take a look: BECOME OUR FRIEND! WE CALL OUR FRIENDS: ANGELS

I work for Revive MS Support Centre helping people with MS their family and friends. I see how MS affects people in different ways and how they can have good days and bad days. It’s a great place to work and the clients have a laugh.

I have a few health problems so I take one day at a time and plod on. One of my health problems is neuro nerves that can affect me differently each day. This started around 2005. I waited and waited for an appointment for the neuropsychology clinic at the hospital to see the doctor only to find out they forgot about me; nice start.

 I have not been diagnosed. The doctor said sometimes someone can have neuro nerve problems but they don’t know what causes it

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